Conservation Treatments & Collections Care

HepaVacuuming: This process uses special conservation equipment and tools to remove abrasive and acidic dust, particulate matter, and surface debris filtered to 0.035 microns.

Surface and Wet-Cleaning: Localized or area treatments to remove soiling, discoloration, dye migration, bleeding or transfers, adhesives and residues.

Tarnish, Corrosion and Oxidation Cleaning: Treatment of composite metallic, copper, brass and silver, removing sulfides and other corrosive substances. Agateen Lacquer is used to provide a permanent protective layer against hydrogen sulfides.

Hand Sewn Repairs and Consolidation: Conservation, restoration or replacement of areas with loss or structural instability.

Object Lining and Support: Providing reinforcement and structural integrity from the damages of physical and mechanical stresses.

Mount Preparation and Fabrication: Custom design and production of display forms, hardware and exhibit support systems.

Archival Storage and Custom Made Boxes: Conservation safe and appropriate acid free, chemical free, inert materials for temporary or long term housing. We produce custom storage boxes for individual objects or entire collections, including boxes with built-in mount support structures.

We can provide further detailed information on any treatment or remediation recommendations particular to the circumstances at hand. We can assess, treat, repair, remediate the situation and prevent future consequence.